It’s all four generations. It’s a mother and daughter. It’s a little boy climbing a tree. It’s a chance encounter with a horse. It’s chasing down a windblown hat. It’s an unexpected wave soaking your feet.


    There are toothless smiles, sticky kisses, dirty hands, rain-booted feet jumping puddles, and bugs in jars. There are chubby chub thighs, hands waving bye-bye, and rides on daddy’s shoulders.

  • LOVE

    Love looks like your grandmother’s wedding ring, love sounds like an inside joke, love feels like his sweatshirt, but love will also tell you there is spinach in your teeth.

Missy Marie Photography . Manhattan Beach photographer . Maddie + Brendan

What a beautiful family.  They came ready for this shoot, with thoughtful preparations by this momma ~ awesome outfits, new bedroom bedding, and finishing touches that made me know how much doing this photo session meant to this family. If you see smiles and joy, even laughter happening in these images, it is as genuine as it looks. Honestly, I loved being a part of this.

I love taking photos in my client’s homes, which is where we started. We found neat spots at the end of their street, with beautiful light…then headed down to the sand of Manhattan Beach where the sun was heading down to set.  It was really beautiful.

Enjoy these. I sure enjoyed taking them.




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Missy Marie Photography . Manhattan Beach photographer . Blake Anne, Alex + Evan

Now, this was a really fun shoot.  This family lives in Texas, and came out to the west coast for a week long vacation.  So cool… they actually stayed in the beach house that was Kelly and Donna’s place on the show, “Beverly Hills, 90210“.  I am laughing when I do the math, and realize that the girls would have not even been born when this show ended in 2000.  It seems like yesterday that this series was a favorite in my life.

Best parts?

  • The girls were just so sweet, and came up with some awesome ideas for our photo shoot
  • The ice cream break was spectacular, love me some Manhattan Beach Creamery !!
  • The sky really was that blue and beautiful!

enjoy. xo



Rockhill Studio // Newberry Family Photography - Gosh, this is so much fun!! Beautiful job capturing this family, and I REALLY want to be on the beach right now :)

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Missy Marie Photography . Hermosa Beach family photographer . MacKenzie + Chloe

Have you heard of Throwback Thursdays? If you are on any type of social media, i.e.: Facebook or Instagram, you most likely have. You might see it with a hashtag, #throwbackthursday or #tbt.  I’ll tell you, I love #tbt.  I love posting old photos of my family, old high school or college photos, or even a baby photo of myself. For Christmas, my mom gave my sisters and me all our old photographs, scanned and loaded onto a CD.  The.Best.Gift.Ever.  These photos are absolutely precious, each of them bringing back a little memory of something special.  They are indeed the most precious gift.  And trust me when I tell you, I have really been enjoying posting these.

On this cool December evening, this family came together, and decided that taking family photos was important. You may not think going out for a photography session may be such a monumental event, but think about these 2 little gals, and when they turn 44 and 40.  Or older.  Can you imagine the feeling they will have when they pull these images out, and remember that day, when Grampsy & Nanny came out to California to visit?  They may not remember every detail, but they will sure remember how much they all love each other, and how much it means to their momma, and that she planned this for their family.

And perhaps, maybe they’ll even post a few for #tbt.





Becca - Love these! It looks like such a fun session!

Marie Bohn - Oh how adorable, and how cute would it be to see these images as a tbt.

Kate - Oh my goodness – those girls are absolutely gorgeous! And they look like they had a blast, too.

Kelsey | Las Vegas Baby Photographer - Such fun moments you captured xoxo

Beth - Love the perspective in some of these. Looks like a great, fun family to work with as well!

Emily Supiot - These are great! I love beach photos. Everyone looks so happy!

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Missy Marie Photography . Hermosa Beach photographer . Signature Photo Album

Ohhhh, I’ve been waiting so long to post these photos… Meet Kira. She is a sweet, confident young lady, with a kind heart, and a courageous soul. I have enjoyed getting to know her, and watching her grow into a young lady. Not only is she a doll, she is also an extremely talented singer, the rock kind of singer, which is totally awesome!

This last summer, Kira was preparing to become a bat mitzvah and her mom was planning for the big Bat Mitzvah ceremony and celebratory party. As part of the party, her mom wanted to do a signature photo album of pictures of Kira for her guests to sign instead of the common signable picture frame.  And that is where I come in… we set out on this gorgeous day with several outfits and a list of music venues in Los Angeles that included Saint Rocke, Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy, Viper Room, House of Blues and The Grammy Museum to take pictures of her for this photo album. What perfect backdrops for Kira’s photos, where perhaps she will headline a concert one day! Here are some of my favorites.




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