This Family…and Fenway . MacKenzie + Chloe . Hermosa Beach photography

I love these people! These girls are as sweet as they come, and I look forward to seeing them all every year for photos. I am sure you can see how much they’ve grown since last year…They came in coordinating outfits, and even brought their sweet dog, Fenway. So much love going around!

enjoy, missy


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And He Is One! Hudson . Hermosa Beach family photographer

This family purchased my New Baby Session Package, which included a maternity, newborn, 4 month, 8 month and one year session. I have so enjoyed getting to know this family, and meeting with them every few months for photos. It is truly amazing how much a baby changes in their first year of life…they go from a squishy little person to a smiling, curious kid, all in one short year! Make sure you capture their milestones, and all the in-betweens.

enjoy! m


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Twin Goodness . Khloe + Cole . Manhattan Beach family photographer

I do…I do love me some twin goodness…born into the world in the same moment, yet such unique personalities. I enjoyed getting to know their differences, and their similarities, in that they are both so kind.

I had the opportunity to photograph this family for the 2nd time this year. Last year, we did a session at their beautiful home…so this year we opted for photos at Santa Monica Beach.

enjoy! m


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Family of 5 . Samantha, Collin + Billy . Manhattan Beach family photographer

It was 1987…I had just moved to Northridge to start college at California State University, Northridge. I was one of just 3 people from my high school that would be attending there, so I decided to rush, or join a sorority to meet some friends. I met Shauna at the Kappa Kappa Gamma 1st day party, and I was smitten. She was so put together, and to me, was the epitome of what a sorority woman should be… kind, smart, outgoing and confident. She truly was one of the reasons that I became a Kappa.

Fast forward almost 30 years later, and we have reconnected as friends, both living in the same community. She’s been married for 20+ years to a really nice guy, and has 3 amazing kids. I feel so fortunate that she asked me to photograph her family, as well as her daughter, Samantha’s, senior photos.

In my “Missy” fashion, I went ahead and added a scanned photo from 1987 of Shauna of myself at bid day at the end of this blog…. just promise you won’t laugh at my hair!

Enjoy, missy

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Throwing it back to 1987…this is a photo of Shauna and me from college almost 30 years ago!

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