It’s all four generations. It’s a mother and daughter. It’s a little boy climbing a tree. It’s a chance encounter with a horse. It’s chasing down a windblown hat. It’s an unexpected wave soaking your feet.


    There are toothless smiles, sticky kisses, dirty hands, rain-booted feet jumping puddles, and bugs in jars. There are chubby chub thighs, hands waving bye-bye, and rides on daddy’s shoulders.

  • LOVE

    Love looks like your grandmother’s wedding ring, love sounds like an inside joke, love feels like his sweatshirt, but love will also tell you there is spinach in your teeth.

Missy Marie Photography . Manhattan Beach family photographer . Tyler + Quinn

Ahhhh….early morning photo shoots.  They are the honestly the best.  I don’t get many families to agree to them… which I totally get.  It’s tough to get everyone out of bed, and prettied up for an 8am shoot (or earlier!).  But look… look how different and beautiful the light is.  The sunlight comes up in the east, which makes the traditional looking pier images look so. much. different.  And beautiful.  I think everyone should try this light, and this perspective…because it is truly worth it.

I have been photographing this lovely family since their daughter was born.  They are just lovely, and I look forward to seeing them every time.


xo missy


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Missy Marie Photography . Hermosa Beach Photographer . My Own

Sometimes you have to take a little time out from all the craziness and take some photos of your own.  My husband had a work thing tonight, which left us gals on our own to figure out dinner.  So, we went to CPK….their favorite…not mine so much.  When we got home, I decided that I wanted to get some photos in front of this bougainvillea plant down the street.  So, the girls put on their matching tank tops, and off we went.  I need to do this more often…don’t you think?  I sure love these two.

xoxoxoxo mom


crystal lynn - darling little ladies! what a fun treat to hang with mom and do photoshoot!

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Missy Marie Photography . Dana Point family photographer . Riley + Bridget

What a lovely group.  This dad surprised his wife for her birthday with a family photo session…I was very excited to meet them down in Dana Point at the Pines Park.  It was such a beautiful spot, with both giant trees and also beach access.  I loved finding out that the young man in the family is about to head off to college.  I know that his parents are so proud of him, but also sad to see him go.  And what a beauty Bridget is, right?

Here are some of my favorites.

xo missy


Sheree - Beautiful. Love the light :)

Jennifer Lawrence - Gorgeous family! I love the second hat image, light freckles are my favorite :)

Elaine - Oh gosh, I love the interaction between the family. Such gorgeous posing and light!!

Alyssa - Love the imagery and beach scene shots!

Julie Leonard - Beautiful family, gorgeous pictures! Great job!

Heather M - I wish my hubby would do this! Amazing! That is a perfect location with such variety. You surely gave her the best gift!

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Missy Marie Photography . Dash + Livie . Manhattan Beach family photographer

I really do love these people.  I think I’ve told the story before… my husband and daughter visited NYC a few years ago for my daughter’s 6th birthday, and met these fabulous people at a park, where the kids played and really, truly hit it off.  After saying their goodbyes, they ran into each other again on a NY subway, which is totally ironic….NY subways are pretty big, right? There are so many cars, so many people, and they ran into each other on one.  What are the odds, right?  So…we were meant to be friends.   And I am so glad that we are.

So, this family visits from northern California once or twice a year, and we have our time together.  We actually have a thing…we eat out, we go to the beach, we ice skate, and we do a photo session. I was really excited to get the parents to agree to being in the photos this year, too.

Here are my favorites.

love you guys! xo missy


Kelsey | Las Vegas Maternity Photographer - Love the moments you captured xoxo

Jenny G - I love this session! So fun and real and downright beautiful!

Hearher m - What an incredibly cool story! And tradition! These photos are fun and REAL. Awesome.

Jana - These are fabulous!!!!! Beautifully captured!

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Missy Marie Photography . Blake + Zoey . Pacific Palisades family photographer

We met early at Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades… this lovely family who contacted me from their home in Phoenix, Arizona.  Why not get away from the desert heat for a few weeks, visit family, and squeeze in a photo shoot while you are here?  I just loved meeting these guys, and getting to know them. The kids were so sweet, Blake with such an awesome personality, and little Zoey, with a smile that will melt ya. And the reward? Some family photos for the life long memories, and donuts for the kiddos. Loved it.

Thanks so much.  xo.  missy


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