Your Session

Your session with me will be fun!  I am a silly gal, and not afraid to get a little goofy so that I can capture the real authentic you. Don’t be afraid if you hear me cackle, make barn animal sounds or sing a little ditty with your kids!  This is a time to relax, have fun with your family, and let me photograph your time together.

The best kinds of photos are when you and your family are doing something you love doing together. Picture yourself in 10 years, looking back at these images…my hope is for you to say, “yes!…this was our family doing our thing!” It can be as simple as going for a walk, getting ice cream, or riding bikes, enjoying the beach, playing a game or even snuggling on your couch. I will be there with you at times giving you a bit of direction, and in other cases, just hanging back capturing your interactions.

Let’s pick a place that you and your family love…doing what you love…enjoying your home, the beach, playing at the park, making cookies in your kitchen, hiking in the mountains, or even taking a trip to your favorite ice cream shop, family farm or zoo. Feel free to be creative in your choice.